Goodbye From Thirtysomething Belle

We all have them. Those friends and acquaintances on social media that declare: “I’m leaving! Goodbye forever…” and low and behold, they are back a few weeks later. Just to clarify, today’s post is not intended to resemble such drama. I just felt the need to explain the imminent departure, rather than simply vanishing without a trace.

I’ve decided to quit the blog. I’ve allowed myself to get far too consumed with Thirtysomething Belle; flitting between writing a deep, heartfelt posts to a string of promotional collaborations, with no real niche. Finding myself feeling deflated if my daily views drop below the usual 200 or so.

Originally set up as a food, travel and vintage lifestyle blog, the page has lost it’s purpose and direction. I am a perfectionist by nature and it would sadden me to continue with the blog, knowing that I’m not giving it my 100% best efforts. After a little soul searching and assessing my priorities, it’s time for the next step.

In the meantime, I’ll be putting my stubborn streak and determination to good use on a new project, continuing my work with the Huffington Post, ghost writing and more – but I think it’s time to be honest with myself (and you guys) now and accept that Thirtysomething Belle has run its course.

Thank you for the support.

Lisa xx


The British Acupuncture Council | Back To Health

A little while ago, the British Acupuncture Council introduced me to their brand new ‘Back to Health’ campaign. The aim is to shine a light on the positive effects acupuncture can have on back pain.

I was curious about the concept of acupuncture, however I’m naturally very scientifically minded so was keen to understand the logic behind this treatment. I suffer from pain in my shoulders and put this down to bad posture. I have had physiotherapy in the past which proved rather unsuccessful; maybe it was time to try a form of alternative treatment?

On Friday night, I drove to the gorgeous village of Whitworth, in the heart of the Lancashire countryside to meet  Louise over at Valley Acupunture and experience this for the very first time.

Prior to becoming an acupuncturist, Louise worked for over 15 years as a nurse within the NHS, private sector and GP Surgery. She then became interested in studying acupuncture after personally experiencing the benefits.

In 2009, Louise gained an honours degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture) and massage from the University of Salford, where she studied both Chinese and western medicine.

As a fully insured member of the British Acupuncture Council, Louise abides by strict codes of ethics, safe practice and continuing professional development.

The British Acupuncture Council is a member of the accredited register scheme run by the government backed Professional Standards Authority.

So what actually is acupuncture? According to the Valley Acupuncture* website:

Acupuncture explained

Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine single use sterile needles into the skin at specific points on the body which run along channels known as meridians. Needles may also be inserted into the ear otherwise known as auricular acupuncture. The desired effect is to regulate the flow of your body`s vital energy otherwise known as Qi, in order to help the body become rebalanced. Your vital energy can become disturbed, depleted or blocked due to long term illness, weather conditions, emotional problems, trauma, shock, incorrect diet or physical and mental overwork. The ethos of traditional acupuncture is to treat you as a whole, rather than looking a set of symptoms in isolation.

What to expect

At valley acupuncture I provide a relaxing environment for you to discuss your needs. When you attend for your first session I will take a detailed history about your past and present health, including information about any medication you take and your general lifestyle. I I may also recommend certain lifestyle and dietary changes based on the clinical picture. Subsequent sessions will involve re assessing your symptoms and discussing any new health matters.

Before treatment please ensure you have eaten something light and avoid vigorous exercise afterwards.

Number of sessions

Frequency and number of acupuncture sessions required is very individual and depends upon certain factors such as the severity of the condition, climatic factors, age and your lifestyle. Some patients can experience positive changes rather quickly with 1 or 2 sessions while other patients need more


Louise was friendly and knowledgeable, putting me at ease straight away. We began the hour and half session with an in-depth consultation. Louise asked me questions, ranging from the basics (D.O.B, any allergies etc) to things that were a little more personal (medical issues, diet, menstrual cycle) but she assured me that this was all necessary and I never once felt uncomfortable throughout this assessment.

She then examined my tongue and the pulses in my wrists before making her diagnosis. I stripped down to my underwear as Louise left the room to give me a little privacy, lay down on the bed and preserved my modesty with a towel! When I was ready, we began my bespoke treatment.

This consisted of around 21 needles in total (to be fair, I wasn’t counting too closely…) inserted into various areas of my shoulders, the side of my hands and lower back/bottom area (!) The sensation was slightly bizarre; some needles went in seamlessly and I didn’t even feel them but one of two were a little bit sharp upon application; this soon settled though.

I lay still for around 30 minutes as Louise and I chatted and she worked her magic. I felt rather indifferent during this period however when it was time for me to get dressed again, I felt incredibly relaxed.

I was impressed at how professional the setting was; it was clear that hygiene is of paramount importance. Louise used fresh needles and constantly washed her hands throughout our session. The room was clean and sterile, whilst still providing a relaxing atmosphere.

That evening, I was uncharacteristically calm; I slept for a solid 10 hours afterwards! Have you tried acupuncture before?


**PR Campaign 




Boardroom Etiquette With Calibre Furniture

Office life can be a minefield. I have worked in several different areas over my 17 years of adulthood and the parallels of office etiquette can be vast!

Recently, Calibre furniture asked me to get involved with their #BoardroomEtiquette campaign. This was ideal timing for me – having recently started my brand new job – so I thought I’d give you guys a few tips on how to handle those big, occasionally dull meetings.

If you’ve ever seen the UK version of ‘The Office’, you’ll know that acoustic guitar solos, emotional outbursts, break ups and dubious weekend tales are best left firmly outside the boardroom. My sympathy is all yours if you’re unlucky enough to have boss who fancies themselves as a bit of a David Brent!

One office I worked in reeked of old-school corporate culture throughout, with the hierarchy being clear and staff reminded of their rank on a regular basis. Thankfully, most other companies have moved with the times and this dated mindset has been pushed aside for more positive, productive ways of working.

Power dressing, polyester suits and shoulder pads are slowly dying out in favour of a more relaxed dress code, with things like ‘casual Fridays’ on the rise.

Most of us spend a minimum of 40+ hours a week in the office so I think it’s pretty important that our surroundings and environment are pleasant, don’t you? Obviously the main priority has to be practicality but do we really have to endure rows of repetitive MDF desks, magnolia walls and ‘inspirational’ desk calendars?

Some offices are jumping on board with brighter, more socially focused spaces and creating a unique, appealing workplace for their staff. Not only can this help to boost morale, it also shows clients that you are happy to be little diverse. Never a bad thing in my opinion!

Business Organization People Working Togetherness Meeting Concep

So, back to boardroom etiquette. If you attend regular meetings in the office, then here are few things to keep in mind:

Respect Other Peoples Input

Brainstorming is a wonderful thing. Getting the benefit of several different perspectives can be incredibly valuable. Don’t discount your quieter, more introverted colleagues in favour of the over-opinionated guy in sales, who seems to like the sound of his own voice a little too much. They may just be sitting on a goldmine of ideas!


I love food. I look forward to lunchtime more than I probably should and find myself aimlessly snacking throughout the day. However, during a meeting, I have to say that there is nothing more distracting than a colleague chomping away as somebody is giving a presentation. Even just the obligatory bowl of sweets or tray of sandwiches can be tricky as personally, I spend more time eyeing up the food than paying attention. Taking small coffee breaks between lengthy meetings can be more productive and help you come back refreshed, with a renewed enthusiasm.


In the past, the workplace has often been a case of ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. Thankfully, this outdated and often unfair way of progression is slowly becoming irrelevant. It turns out (quite rightly) that what you know is actually far more important than who you know.

You were hired because you obviously have something beneficial to add to the company. Don’t be scared to bring up new ideas, suggest changing tired policies and having confidence in your own skills and abilities.

As much as the MDs might seem a little terrifying, they are just humans beings like everyone else. They may even love your concepts and reward you with a promotion or pay rise!

Private Life

Frankly, no-one really wants to hear about your wild night out with the lads, deal with your Monday morning hangover or be cornered by the workplace gossip. Sure, team building is super important but please learn what is and isn’t appropriate!

I’m an old romantic and actually know several couples whose relationship began in the office but let’s face facts; it’s a risky game. The workplace is not an entirely appropriate environment for perusing a potential soulmate, scouting out phone numbers, flirting *cringe* or being overly affectionate – come on people! Keep it professional, have a little respect for your colleagues/employers and save that stuff for the weekend.

Not to put a downer on those newly-discovered butterflies but what happens if it all goes sour? Not only do you face the dilemma of working with an ex every day, but having tension, rumours and eye daggers flying around the office can create a pretty miserable, awkward atmosphere for your colleagues who end up reluctantly caught in the fallout.

Do you prefer a more traditional working environment or are you happier in a more creative, relaxed workplace?


*PR Campaign

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